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I recommend individuals who feel criticized or are delicate to sensitive subjects to stop reading and continue living in ignorance.

 This is simply a viewpoint and therefore YOU should NOT take offence.

I do this/done this for my own personal preference. To be clear I DO NOT REGARD BROWN PEOPLE AS SUPERIOR AND PERSONALLY I HATE EVERYONE and ESPECIALLY MY OWN PEOPLE.

Does this topic seem irrelevant? Humanity doesn’t, as throughout human history there has been racism/colourism, racial genocide and wars based on skin tone. I’m a British born Male with brown skin tone and can therefore criticize myself indeed. I’ve had many personal experiences whereby the colour of my skin has defined/effected my life and therefore nobody of any COLOUR/NON COLOUR can criticize me.

Brown people are humans of varying brown skin colour. This does not include race more specifically the skin colour of an individual. This tone is based on the medium between pale white to almost black skin tone, however there are many shades of this brown skin tone.

There is very little studies/research/information regarding the current state of affairs as at 2012 for brown people in a multicultural society and the effects of this skin tone in society. Many people in the modern world have conflicting viewpoints on human skin tone, however to impose and implement these negative viewpoints without regard for others and expect them to accept and obey their beliefs is illogical.

I have witnessed my race/races of BROWN/ BLACK people across the world having an obsession with being WHITE. This is clearly seen in many poor coloured countries like Yemen, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, Philippines, India, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Venezuela etc. This is obviously rooted at the notion that coloured people worked manual labour in the sun while lighter/white people stayed indoors away from the sun. Despite this concept of colour class majority were and still are coloured regardless of all the tactics imposed to make them lighter/whiter.

In these coloured countries the media use very fair skinned actors, celebrities and models to portray the ideal physical image for both the male and female audience YET THE TARGET AUDIENCE IS MAJORITY COLOURED either brown or black. This target audience however are of brown or black skin tone and develop a belief that they are inferior to these lighter/whiter people and therefore wish for lighter skin THROUGH ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

The lighter/whiter role models are portrayed as more attractive and civilized then their darker brethren. This deliberate manipulation is empowered through media and pharmaceutical companies with money and profit as their goal. The overall effect of this manipulation has caused these people of colour to develop subconscious self-hatred for themselves and others like them. This brainwashing and false beliefs are ingrained in the target audience brain and re-enforced in their society. However when those residents migrate to a Multicultural land they still impose their manipulated beliefs on their offspring.

The skin lightening creams are advertised to the masses with deliberate manipulation of psychology to make their darker skinned audience feel inferior. Some black people resort to bleaching their skin to be lighter following the media manipulated standard of beauty. The ramifications of this manipulation are in effect when brown people like myself are treated with less respect by people of my own race/races with lighter skin tone. The effects of the media perpetuating White beauty in a multicultural society can be seen in Bleach, Nip, and Tuck: The White Beauty Myth on Channel 4.

Britain is a Multicultural society that has a variety of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Being British born and raised from third world immigrant, I’ve had first-hand experience with the issues regarding ethnicity, culture and identity within a multicultural society. However regardless of the systematic laws emplaced Colourism/Racism is vibrant and very much alive in modern Britain; the racism prevalent is seen through all parts of society from schools to prisons. Yet the modern racism doesn’t originate from the race of an individual but moreover towards the colour of the individuals skin regardless of race, due to the categorization of coloured individuals into certain races.

Some individuals in this multicultural melting pot expect brown people like myself to act or behave a certain way and view/acknowledge others as superior. There is always a colour preference through human history. However in modern Britain some White people tan to be brown while some black people bleach their skin to be brown, and still have hatred to natural brown people. These people want to be brown so badly they will use drastic measures to achieve this light brown shade. These methods of tanning and bleaching are a form of self-hatred and portray insecurities with his/her skin tone.

The global approach to categorize individuals based on his/her race or country/countries of heritage seems IRRELEVANT in a diverse and Multicultural society. Ticking boxes for different races helps other races target me based on my ethnic heritage. The verbal classification of different coloured people in Britain generally ranges in these notions:

Dark-skinned or near Black colour: BLACK PEOPLE

 Varying shades of brown colour: SOUTH ASIAN, INDIAN, PAKISTANI & BENGALI

Fair skinned near pale white colour: WHITE PEOPLE

This classification of brownish people to be either: South Asian, Indian, Pakistani or Bengali racially targets and profiles me for scrutiny based on skin colour alone. Yet the other classifications of BLACK and WHITE are NOT based on race but skin colour alone and therefore people cannot racially profile those people. When describing myself, If I state only my skin colour as brown than people CANNOT identify my ethnic heritage despite facial features as I may be either Mexican, Indian, Hispanic, Arabic, Pakistani, Latino, Jamaican Indian or Brazilian etc.. However if these classifications of race continue in multicultural society than stereotypes will perpetuate as people base me and other coloured people by his/her race or races. Therefore census forms and ethnic classification needs to be revised to adhere to colour ALONE to not racially profile a person based on his/her heritage since Britain is diverse and has TOO many races/ethnicity to classify.

The first representations of brown men in the modern western media and news were labelled terrorist and/or rapists. These on-going negative representations were simply based on their skin colour of the individual to classify their race. However the initial degradation of brown men became set in stone across Britain as the news and media has distorted societies perception and is constantly re-enforced as a common stereotype for Brown men.

Yet despite the media manipulation, in Multicultural countries across the world PEOPLE WANT TO BE BROWN. Some pale WHITE people use tanning beds, tanning spray and other methods to turn BROWN.  Whereas some BLACK people use whitening creams, skin bleaching and soaps to turn BROWN. These self-hatred issues and insecurities can be traced to the subconscious desire to be average. In these diverse melting pots the opposite ends of the spectrum range from PALE WHITE to ALMOST BLACK. Finding and becoming an average/medium person is a survival trait as the average of a species survives moreover than the above/below average.

E.G. A peacock attracts mates with a bright display of its coloured tailed feathers.

The above average peacock with very large coloured feathers may attract more mates HOWEVER they will attract more predators than the average due to the larger feathers/tail. Therefore most above average peacocks may die before reproducing.

The average peacock with average tail feather will most likely attract the average amount of mates and predators deemed normal to the continuation of the species.

The below average peacock with small tail feathers won’t attract as many mates as the average peacock as well as predators and therefore doesn’t get to reproduce as often. This is just an example of how the average of a species survives MORE OFTEN.

Despite the constant on-going trends of tanning and bleaching naturally brown people are oblivious and continue to believe the whiter the better. This desire to alter your skin tone resembles a form of self-hatred and portrays insecurities and these people still don’t acknowledge their preference for brown skin. Regardless of claiming it’s a “Beauty procedure” just contradicts the desire for the “Beautiful Brown skin”. This stupidity is so prevalent that people become confused with their own skin colour when confronted head-on in different scenarios.

 This same Multicultural society allows different relationships to prosper; generalizations of these different relationships based on skin colour are shown below:










Majority of the above relationships produce offspring of varying shades of brown. The future generation of a multicultural society may be different shades of brown dependent upon the varying sizes of each race in the melting pot. However in the very far future, geographical climate and exposure to the elements may effect this prediction as residents adapt to different environments.


Through a Multicultural World, the global future Human skin colour may average through globalization and expanded migration patterns. The future prospects for the human race regarding skin colour can never be certain however given statistical trends and outcomes may be theorized and finalized. This is seen through rapid growth of the Indian population. Humanities current and future population was stated in National Geographic Documentary: Population 7 Billion regarding the current size of Humanity. As at 2012 China currently hash the largest population in the world and therefore represented the average human. However India is 2nd behind and catching up, as predicted that in the year 2030 the average typical person will be Indian based on current demo-graphical trends.

Rapid globalization is allowing for easier migration and more countries become multicultural. However in stable Multicultural societies with Brazil as an example of a long-term Multicultural society: